At Jem’s Creative Ltd. we are delighted to work with both well established companies and completely new start-up businesses. We care about helping people take things to the next level and helping people when they are starting out.

The decision to start a new business is something very special in the lifetime of any person. The opportunity to work and apply yourself to something you love is such a gift. To create something new for your community, to help other people, to create new employment opportunities for others, it is an amazing experience, but it’s not easy.

Having helped numerous small start-up businesses, we are very much aware of the basic communication tools you need to begin your journey on the right foot. We are also aware of the numerous communication “pitfalls of belief” that new businesses can wander into. For example, a lot of new business owners believe that if they just build a great Web site everything will be fine, it won’t. Yes, a great Web site is important, but more important is what the Web site is meant to do and how you will attract people to your digital footprint. In addition, how does your digital strategy relate to your business objectives? What other forms of communication will be effective in delivering real results?

The starting point is a conversation together. Please give us a call and we will sit and talk together. If we can help you succeed, we will recommend solutions that will succeed.