At Jem’s Creative Ltd., we have a defined seven-step process for effectively managing your experience as a valued client. We also aim to effectively manage your expectations, in terms of results and the associated costs involved.


The seven step Jem’s process has been designed to offer you an excellent creative service.

The seven steps are defined below by their titles. Further information, on the detail of each step, is available upon request.

Jem’s Creative Ltd. process

1: idea profile
2: care profile
3: communication plan
4: creative
5: media
6: Jump start
7: Jump performance

Every project involves balancing three elements: time, budget and quality.

We strongly believe in providing excellent quality and value within an agreed timeline.

The seven step process ensures that every aspect of your creative solution and customer experience is managed to a standard of excellence.


You should expect a good return on your advertising investment, but what is a good return rate and how is it measured?

Based on advertising industry data, you should expect good results.

On average, every £1 spent on advertising results in £9 of economic activity.

When you consider this return rate from a purely financial perspective, an investment in effective advertising is an exciting opportunity.

At Jem’s we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, please see our customer testimonials.

It is really important for us to agree clear goals and measurement methodology in advance of implementation. At Jem’s Creative Ltd. we have defined process steps to agree these goals and review implementation performance with you. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations – expectations that are understood and agreed upon.


Having understood your requirements, we will provide you with an estimate (free estimate) for your project. This will include a full breakdown of every element we have discussed.

At Jem’s we estimate based on project costs, we do not charge hourly consultancy fees. Our aim is not to rack up as many hours as we can. Our aim is to provide you with an excellent communication solution that delivers excellent results. We focus on project quality and value i.e. affordable communication that works.

The initial estimate is the cost we believe is fair and of excellent value, thus any subsequent negotiation is based upon approach i.e. individual project items.

Comparison is always a practical way in which to evaluate value. We always recommend gathering 3 (three) supplier estimates for your project.

Look closely at the quality of the creative work, via the examples provided to you and then compare the costs for that quality, via the estimates provided to you for your project.