This body of work was designed for Tulips Publishing. The aim of the book cover design was to create something inspiring, uplifting and eye catching for retail display purposes. The project also included simultaneously developing a new logo and brand identity for Tulips Publishing. The selection of the tulips photograph and the subsequent colour is really beautiful. Font selection for the cover was continued throughout the entirety of the book. The font selections have a delicate and elegant feel to further enhance the brand identity and connect with the essence of the tulip flower. The objective of the flyer was to encourage people to sign up and attend the Inspired Desires workshop program. Using different imagery, than the book cover, the focus remains on growth and radiant life. The photographic portrait of Gina Rizzo was taken by Jeremy Board. The flyer clearly communicates: what the course is about, what will be explored, who should benefit from the workshop and what those benefits are. The Web site featured a striking home page, using the portrait photograph taken for the book cover and flyer. The image is enlarged and converted to grayscale to emphasis and contrast with the Author’s name, derived from the cover of the Inspired Desires book cover design.